My goal...

My goal is to use my skills to communicate vision and ideas. Sometimes, the ideas are mine and I share them for the pure joy of creating. Sometimes, they are the clients' ideas and I work to ensure that their vision of the finished product comes to life in both photos and video.

Our Approach

Our Story

The Story Thus Far...

As a long-time teacher, I have learned the craft of meaningful communication. I find much joy in meeting and getting to know people and learning about what makes them tick. I am excited by new ideas and experiences and find my creativity there.

My introduction to photography began with my introduction to motherhood and the recognition that time moves quickly and tiny moments of beauty get lost. The craving to capture all of the sweet and sometimes messy moments of life has led me into Video Production, editing and painting with watercolour as other ways to tell a story. I'd love to help you tell your story!

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Cathy Koop

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